Old Cape Cold

№ 4 of 💯 — If you’re fond of snow drifts and icy air

Bob Merckel
2 min readFeb 5, 2022


Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

I’m sitting on my sofa, toasty in a t-shirt, taking in the panorama outside our picture-windows.

A recent tree removal, devastating but necessary, has left me looking at gray Cape Cod clapboard covered in the frozen remnants of last night’s storm.

This morning’s sky is a chameleon of my icy neighborhood, as ashen as a fireless Tom Vincent.

The woman across the street shovels her driveway while her wife slides their two dogs across the iced-over street, urging morning ablutions that will not come. One of my besties, bundled up like a toddler, scrapes the snow and ice off of his SUV.

A robin shivers on the railing of my terrace, probably thinking, “where the fuck is my oak tree?”

I think about going out to to help, you know, be neighborly and all.

But, damn, this hot coffee tastes so good.

Besides, they’re almost done.

Bob Merckel is a writer, language teacher, and corporate refugee who spends most of his time between Barcelona and Provincetown. He usually plays well with others. You can follow him on Twitter @bobzyeruncle.

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Bob Merckel

Editor: Age of Empathy, The Memoirist | English teacher/language consultant in Barcelona and Provincetown.